Cables & Adapters

Cables & Adapters

This is a 3-pin to 2-pin power cable to allow your to power 2-pin devices such as Teradek Bolt Transmitters or a Small HD 703 monitor from your OMOD, Wooden Camera D-Box ar ARRI camera's 3-pin power output.

** make sure when powering from ARRI cameras or Wooden Camera D-Box 3-pin Fischer connectors that the 2-pin product you are powering supports +24V DC. (OMOD's supply VBATT (+14.5V DC) from their 3-pin run/stop aux power connectors)

OFFHOLLYWOOD 2-Pin to 2-Pin Power Cable
OFFHOLLYWOOD 2-pin to DC Male Power Cable

Rugged 2-pin to DC male power cable foråÊSmallHD 702 (using faux-LP-E6) or ATOMOS - 24"

also available in 3-pin Fischer version here ->

(** Do NOT use 3-pin Fischer version with ATOMOS monitor/recorders from 24V source. ATOMOS monitor/recorders are not spec'd for 24V but Small HD 702 is spec'd to 30V w/Faux LP-E6 adapter)

OFFHOLLYWOOD 2-Pin to P-Tap Power Cable
OFFHOLLYWOOD 4-Pin to 4-Pin RTMotion Motor Cable
SmallHD Faux LP-E6 Battery Kit