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Celere HS 36mm 8K Prime Lens

Special Order Item

$ 4,417.00

Celere HS 36mm Prime lens 

By: Hanse Innotech

Winner of the OPTICS award at the CINEC 2016 show

"The Celere lens range is characterized in that each lens in the set has the same length, the same diameter and the same weight. Along with remarkable optical quality the result is a fundamental advantage for use in devices such as balanced Steadycam, gimbal and drones" 

Celere 8K Lenses:

1285g (2,83 lb) +/- 10g

High Speed T 1.5

same location of the gearing like the Celere HS Set

High quality Full Metal Jackets

Manual focus

Full Frame with no Vignetting

very little breathing

Iris blades: 9

Made in Germany

Internal focusing lens

Focus scales available in metric and imperial

Vario Mount: PL Mount, Canon EF-Mount, Sony E-Mount

Made in Germany

Lenses ship 12-14 weeks from order.

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