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** new orders include new upgrade with stereo 3.5mm headphone and microphone inputs. åÊAudio upgraded units begining shipping in May 2017. Upgrade options for existing customers - contact

OMOD COMMAND RTåÊis a module for your RED DSMC2åÊcamera that adds 3-axis wireless lens control for use with RTmotion's MK3.1 hand controller and ThumbwheelsåÊin addition to

  • åÊAmbient ACN Wireless Timecode and Internal Genlock Generator
  • Powerful Dual Band WiFi and Advanced Signal Path Options
  • Wireless Color Processing Functionality with Three Independent HDSDI outputs.åÊ

Command, Control, and Communications between the camera, cinematographer and crew on the connected set.

Live color grade to the camera with:

  • åÊPomfort LiveGrade
  • Qtake
  • FilmLight Prelight
  • Colourlab
  • Codex Live

You can also connect RTmotion lens motors for three axis PL lens control. LATITUDE allows control of focus and iris of EF lenses over RF at ranges up to 1500 feet.åÊ

TheåÊDSMC2's HDMI monitor path is converted toåÊ10-bitåÊHDSDI.åÊCDL/1024 1D LUTs and 33x33x33 3D LUTs withåÊACES compliance, all in real-time, wireless to the camera. Real-time resolution and frame-rate conversions including 1080 60i output.

Output the leading HDR display standard, SMPTE 2084, for real-time HDR images while shooting in addition to simultaneous monitoring standard dynamic range (SDR).

Read the OMOD Overview HERE

Contact us directly additional savings when addingåÊa Wooden Camera's D-Box (DSMC2)åÊ(V or Gold Mount) and theåÊOMOD Top Plate - Version B.åÊAll OMOD models work on all DSMC2 cameras (Raven, Scarlet-W, Weapon 6K, Weapon w/S35 Helium, Weapon 8K VV)




1 x 6-pin LEMO DC Power Input

1 x Fischer 3-pin (VBATT power + run/stop)

2 x 5-pin LEMO (IN-A, IN-B - RTmotion thumbwheel controllers)

3 x 4-pin LEMO (FIZ - RTmotion lens motors)

1 x 5-pin LEMO (TimeCode Input)

2 x 4-pin 00 LEMO (CTRL+ Master/Slave)

1 x USB (+5V)

Weight: 1.3 lbs

Length: (from back of DSMC2 Brain): 2åÊin / 51.5 mm


Download BrochureåÊ PDFåÊ2.1MB