DEMO STOCK - Wooden Camera UVF Mount (No Clamp)

$ 189.00

Demo Units from our showroom at 50% off.

UVF Mount (No Clamp) is a version of our popular UVF Mount v2 without the 15mm Tube Clamp portion. This kit works great with NATO Handle (Plus) which has an integrated 15mm clamp.

Accepts most EVFs and LCDs and has three points of adjustment: 15mm tube clamp for tilt and distance to the camera, NATO thumbscrew (identified by red component) for positioning on NATO rail, and tension thumbscrew to adjust tilt of EVF. Tool-less design allows quick installation and removal of UVF v2 Sled. Safety pin prevents accidental removal. UVF v2 Sled can attach directly to any NATO-style rail and includes adapter for using SmallHD and Alphatron viewfinders.

NATO Arm length approximately 5"

The horizontal 15mm rod can attach directly to AJA CION handle, Sony FS7 Handle, and other third party 15mm rod interfaces.

(2) 1/4-20 x 3/8" screws
(1) 1/4-20 x 1/4" screws

Weight: 222g (0.5 lbs)
Dimensions: 169.9 x 21.6 x 15.6 mm (6.7 x 0.9 x 0.6 in)

DEMO STOCK Manfrotto 536 Tripod Legs

DEMO STOCK Manfrotto 536 Tripod Legs

by Manfrotto
$ 700.00

Note, this is for demo stock of the LEGS only, no tripod head! 

The Manfrotto 536 Carbon Fiber Video Tripod has 4-sections and a 75/100 mm half bowl adapter for industry standard fluid heads. With carbon fiber tubes and magnesium die castings, the 536 boasts great stability, high load capability, and light weight.

Futaba 7C 2.6GHz SS Remote

Futaba 7C 2.6GHz SS Remote

$ 100.00

Used Remote, no servos included. Just the remote and charger.

Standard Programming Functions

  • Model Select - 10 model memory
  • Model Type - airplane or heli
  • Servo reversing
  • Dual rate/exponential
  • End point adjustment
  • Digital trim
  • Fail-safe for throttle channel
  • Range checking - Power Down mode
  • Triple rates
  • Switch reassignment
  • Timer - throttle sensitive
  • Adjustable stick length and tension

Airplane Programming Functions

  • Wing mixing - for flaperon, flap trim, V-tail and elevon
  • Twin elevator mix - ailvator
  • Trainer system
  • Snap roll
  • 3 user defined programmable mixes

Helicopter Programming Functions

  • 5 Point normal and idle up throttle/pitch curves
  • Throttle hold
  • Revo (revolution mixing)
  • Gyro mixing (two gyro gains)
  • Swash to throttle mixing
  • Swashplate types - choose from 1S (independent aileron, pitch and elevator servos linked to the swashplate), 3S (120å¡ CCPM), or 3E (90å¡ CCPM)
  • Swash AFR - Adjustable Function Rate, for use with 3S or 3E swash types.

Floor model - Mint condition

This lightweight, 15lbs stabilized head complements theåÊAERIGONåÊfor non-flying applications in professional broadcast and motion picture productions. It allows steady shots from a wide range of cameras and lens control systems whilst in motion on a variety of devices, such as wire-cam systems, cranes, jib arms, dollies and shock absorber equipped vehicles.åÊThe rugged NEWTON is powered by Intuitive Aerial‰۪s core gyro-stabilization technology, has tool- and device-free handling, and is dust- and water-protected. It enables quick set-up with an integrated camera quick-release, automated calibration, and hot swapping of batteries.åÊ
Dominion (all black model):
The rugged, water-repellant machined aluminum body features a large, high-resolution and low-friction focus wheel, zoom rocker, start/stop button and additional customizable buttons and switches. All buttons, switches and potentiometers are user-assignable with multiple programmable user profiles that can be stored on an SD card.åÊThe large high-resolution and brightness-adjustable display provides users with camera and lens data, as well as gimbal telemetry for monitoring performance and image stability.åÊReliable wireless communication with the remote-operated gimbal and camera system from up to 3000 ft using a 2.4GHz frequency-hopping spread spectrum signal. Each side of the body has an integrated NATO rail for mounting monitors, support and accessories.
Used Arri WCU-3 Kit - 1 Motor Sold out

Used Arri WCU-3 Kit - 1 Motor

Sold out
$ 3,000.00

This is for a used product. As with all used products, buyer has 30 days to return product if there are any complications.

The Wireless Compact Unit WCU-3 is an all-in-one remote control for camera on/off, focus and aperture. It is compatible with the UMC-3A and the CLM-3 Lens Control Motor.

The Wireless Compact Unit WCU-3 handset has the capability to control two axes, plus camera run/stop. With a built-in programmable focus knob and thumb slider, its readily available Lithium-ion batteries power the unit for up to 12 hours of continuous operation.

The WCU-3 is rugged and weatherproof for demanding production environments. Special attention has been given to ergonomics and durability, with features like an adjustable handgrip, backlit buttons, an illuminated index scale, optional cabled or wireless operation, and sealed precision optical encoders for the manual controls. The integrated backlit color TFT display shows the camera and lens status.

The WCU-3 directly communicates with the Universal Motor Controller UMC-3A, which can be attached to the ARRICAM Studio, ARRICAM Lite, ARRIFLEX 235, ARRIFLEX 435, ARRIFLEX D-21, ARRIFLEX 416 and to numerous other still and video cameras.

The CLM-3 Lens Control Motor is a very fast, powerful motor, suitable for larger primes and zooms that other motors have difficulty operating.


Kit Includes:

1 UMC-3A MDR (No white radio upgrade),

1 WCU-3 Hand Controller,

1 CLM-3 Motor,

1 Motor Cable,

2 Power Cable,

3 Long L-Series Batteries,

*No Charger*

3 Marking Disks,

1 5pin - 5pin Cable,

1 Case



USED DSMC Wooden Camera A Box

This is a used product. The Wooden Camera A Box for the DSMC line of Red cameras.åÊ


From the manufacturer:

"Adapts industry standard balanced XLR male plugs to 3.5mm balanced plugs (female). Highest quality professional grade connectors.

- includes free Bolt On 19mm Rod for attaching to any 1/4-20 threaded hole
- rod hole is natively 19mm
- optional item 15mm Adapter Bushing adapts A-Box to 15mm rods"

USED Oconnor Short Sticks Sold out

USED Oconnor Short Sticks

Sold out
$ 1,100.00

This is a used product. As with all our used products, the buyer has 30 days from purchase date to return if any problems arise.


Three key way slots in the head fitting allow you to quickly align your tripod head on the legs
Single stage design for maximum rigidity
Short leg tube "baby" version for extra low angles
Die-cast alloy spider/receiver top stage
Rotary stage clamps are temperature-independent
Dual leg spikes for high and low angles
USED OConnor Standard Sticks Sold out
USED Panasonic 25" LCD Monitor Sold out
USED RED Side Handle


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