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Production Services

OFFHOLLYWOOD provides complete production services for film, television, and advertising.

Independent Artists, Producers, Equipment, Technicians, and On-Set Workflows

Whether delivering for the Web, Broadcast TV, 3D, VR, UHD, or 4K+ platforms– our teams are comfortable in a wide array of production ecosystems and have experience pursuing the most innovative and challenging projects around the world.

Our expertise in supporting episodic narratives, branded content, events, and films over this evolving landscape of formats serves to simplify the often over-engineered and mis-informed processes that have been eclipsed by new technologies to save time and budget.

Virtual Reality / 360 Video

We’ve supported early DIY panoramic and 360 camera platforms over the last few years as artists and companies began to test the ‘virtual’ waters in this ever-deepening pool of immersive content creation. Today, we are pioneering work with the first professional virtual reality cameras and stitch workflows as the science project of 360 video production and post production streamlines into a stable and reliable process.

Stereoscopic 3D

OFFHOLLYWOOD’s Stereo 3D services include stereoscopic camera platforms, optics, accessories, workflows and 3D post-supervision to bring your native 3D projects to life. We were the first company to support the full line of 3ality Technica systems. Since our entrance into the 3D environment in 2009 we have become a reliable vendor for 3Net, Bazmark, iN DEMAND, independent producers and studios, such as Summit Entertainment.

We train and support experienced certified technicians who have pioneered and supported the newest conceptions of 3D production around the world and collaborated on notable projects such as Baz Luhrmann’s The Great Gatsby, Lionsgate’s Texas Chainsaw 3D, and Summit Entertainment’s Step Up Revolution.

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