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Paralinx Ace

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The Paralinx Ace wireless video transmission system is the latest addition to the Paralinx family. Featuring realtime, uncompressed, wireless HD video and available with either SDI or HDMI input/output this compact, rugged, lightweight system is the ultimate short-range wireless solution for professional filmmakers.

The Ace will send uncompressed HD video signals up to 1080p60 with zero-latency up to a maximum range of 300ft/100m. Each transmitter can multicast to up to 4 receivers and receivers can be paired by the user via an onscreen-display.åÊThe rugged aluminum and ABS plastic enclosures are lightweight and feature threaded inserts for attaching an onboard battery plate (LP-E6,åÊNP-F, BP-U)åÊor mounting brackets.

- Zero-latency (less than 1ms)
- Range: Up to 300ft/100m
- Signal Quality: Uncompressed, up to 1080p/60
- Input/Output: SDI or HDMI
- Power: 7-17v barrel (HDMI) or 2-pin (SDI) input
- Weight (HDMI): 126g (Tx), 146g (Rx)
åÊåÊ Weight (SDI): 146g (Tx), 160g (Rx)
- Enclosure Dimensions (HDMI or SDI):
Tx:åÊ2.6in x 4.7in x 0.6in (6.7cm x 11.9cm x 1.5cm)
Rx: 3.4in x 4.5in x 0.6in (8.6cm x 11.5cm x 1.5cm)

Included accessories:
1x AC adapter with international plugs (US, UK, Euro) for receiver
1x PTap power cable (18in/45cm) for transmitter
1x PTap power cable (18in/45cm) for 2nd receiver (if purchasing a 1:2 system)
1x BNC cable (18in/45cm)åÊor HDMI cable (18in/45cm) depending on transmitter input
1x Mini-USB to USB firmware cable (18in/45cm)