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CMotion CForce Mini Basic Set

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$ 2,673.00


fast - smart - silent

cmotion has partnered up with our friends at ARRI to develop the new intelligent, compact and lightweight cforce mini motor. Weighing in at 6 ounces, cforce mini provides precision and power in any situation where size and weight are critical. Equipped with the same twin LBUS connectors as its big brother, up to 3 cforce mini motors can be integrated with any compact LCS camin (less than 6 ounces), cvolution LCS camin (less than 8 ounces) or broadcast solution. And, with the new ARRI Alexa Mini also using the same LBUS connector and protocol, these motors offer even greater flexibility. The cforce mini will provide a lighter option for all existing stand-alone cmotion solutions including pan-bar zoom, cvolution knob solo and broadcast ENG-adapters.

cforce mini motors are also compatible with the cvolution system, the knob solo and our range of ENG-adapters. Up to 3 cforce motors can be connected to a single CBUS on any cvolution camin, providing control for up to 11 motors when used with camin 8M and 8M-TC. More applications to be announced...

cforce mini basic set includes:

  • cforce mini motor
  • butterfly clamp for 19/15mm rods
  • 0.8mm pitch gear