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CMotion CVolution Handunit for 3 Motor Control Advanced

Special Order Item

$ 8,072.00

Hand unit with knob-advanced, slider and zoom unit to control three motors via camin 4M/ White Radio or OMOD CVOLUTION or ARRI Alexa Plus, ARRI Alexa Mini and ARRI Alexa SXT.

set components

  • cvolution main unit white with external antenna
  • knob advanced
  • slider
  • cvolution zoom-unit
  • 2 batteries
  • battery charger
  • cstrap
  • antenna

The cvolution hand unit sets new standards in both ergonomic design and modularity. Whether you require a simple wireless focus control system or a full 8 motor 3d system, cvolution offers a revolutionary modular solution. Synchronised lens control and independent rig motors can be controlled using either a single cvolution unit or shared between two units. And, thanks to the unique design, cvolution is equally functional and comfortable for left or right handed operators.

cvolution's unique features:

  • Established and exclusive cmotion technology
  • Designed for right or left handed operation
  • Modular hand unit can be expanded from single to multiple motor control
  • Integrated main unit display, clear status and function display
  • Mounting interface for attaching hand unit to camera
  • Robust construction
  • Integrated Advanced 3D lens and rig control features, such as linking scales and synchronizing scale motor pairs
  • Individual (wood, metal or plastic) hand grip possibilities
  • Upgradeable with unique cmotion accessories and functions
  • Remains operational even if the display becomes damaged
  • Up to 4 hand units per camin

Integrated main unit display

  • camera status and speed (available for most film cameras requires 8p/12p cable)
  • focus and iris motor position
  • rig axes such as Interaxial Distance and Convergence
  • motor setting control
  • battery and connection status