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Digital Sputnik DS1 Set

Special Order Item

$ 2,500.00

Single light module system that is powered with batteries or DC (12 – 36 volts). The single PSU (power supply unit) can be mounted directly to the back of the light module or remotely up to 20m/65ft away with optional accessory cable. PSU features dual battery plates (V-mount or AB).


  • 1,500K - 10,000K with full color control
  • Full RGB control, with pure primary color rendering
  • Power draw up to 140 watts per light module (100 watt per light module in 100% 5600K)
  • 0.7m/2ft cables standard
  • World compatible power 90-260 VAC
  • 0-100% dimming without flicker or color shift
  • Controllable locally, over Wi-Fi, over DMX or over wireless DMX (With optional accessories)
  • Ambient temperature range 0ºF to 115ºF/ -20ºC to 45ºC
  • Dimensions of a single light module: 116 x 116mm/ 4 x 4 in square
  • Weight of a single light module: 1.3KG/2.8lbs
  • Weight of Power Supply without batteries 0.5KG/1lbs
  • 36 Months Worldwide Warranty

In the box

  • 1 x DS1 Cardboard Box with foam cutout
  • 1 x DS Light Module RGBW
  • 1 x DS Light Module Cable 0.7m/2ft
  • 1 x DS1 PSU
  • 1 x DS Tripod Mount
  • 2 x DS Eccentric Lock
  • 1 x AC power adaptor