by RED Digital Cinema
$ 2,950.00

The DSMC2‰ã¢åÊREDå¨åÊTouch 7.0" LCD delivers the ultimate high-definition viewing experience for recording and viewing footage on your DSMC2 camera system. The 1920 ÌÑ 1136 resolution display panel provides improved color accuracy, high pixel density (at 323 ppi), 1000:1 contrast, and is bright enough for operation in high ambient light. A robust, optically-bonded touchscreen offers the most intuitive way to navigate menus, adjust camera parameters, and review your .r3d clips directly out of the camera.

The lightweight display mounts directly to the BRAINå¨åÊwithout the need for any tools or hardware. Convenient thumbscrews enable you to attach and remove the display on-the-fly. Featuring a hinge design that rotates nearly 360å¡ and folds down to lay flat for easy transportation, as well as a 180å¡ image rotation option‰ÛÓthe DSMC2 RED Touch 7.0" LCD is the most ergonomic DSMC2 display available. Choose from two available variations; a robust all aluminum model, or the Woven CF model for ultra-lightweight performance.