$ 159.00

Use OMOD | AKS DSMC2 SIDE ARMS to make a cage with our Riser and Top Plate options.

Choose or combine two options:

Wide - our most popular arm clears the SSD Module on the Operator side of the camera and features (2) angles 3/8-16 holes in addition to (5) ARRI patterned 3/8-16 holes and (8) 1/4-20 holes. Can be used on both sides of the camera.

OMOD Low Profile - this arm is designed specifically for using an OMOD with your DSMC2 camera. Ultra-low profile that mounts in the space typically taken by RED's Base Expanders connectors - features (4) ARRI patterned 3/8-16 holes and (6) 1/4-20 holes

All OMOD | AKS DSMC2 Side Arms come with (2) captive 1/4-20's for mating with our DSMC2 Riser Plate and DSMC2 Top Plate - Standard or OMOD Top Plates.