by Ocean Video
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The GlareGuard sun shade from Ocean Video addresses many of the compromises users face when selecting a generic sunshade.

Perfect Style - The GlareGuard sun shade compliments the revolutionary RED Camera withåÊa design language echoing many styling cues for a perfect match.

Perfect Fit - The GlareGuard is first video hood precisely engineered for the RED Touch monitor.

Due to the precision fit, there are no extraneous and unsightly Velcro strips or elastic straps toåÊclutter the operation of the RED camera or monitor functions.

Magnetic Attachment - The GlareGuard hood magnetically attaches to the RED monitor withoutåÊtools, in seconds. Employing Rare-Earth magnets, the GlareGuard stays locked in position but is easilyåÊremoved.

Precision Injection Molded Elastomer - The GlareGuard is constructed from a proven rubberized elastomer which is both durable and flexible. The GlareGuard sun shade stores flat when not in use.

Fits all models - DSMC, DSMC2, CarbonFiber and RED PRO Touch monitor compatibility

Two sizes available - GG47 fits the the Red Touch 4.7" DSMC2 Monitor;åÊ GG70 fits all versions of the RED Touch 7‰۝ monitor

GlareGuard sunhoods are proudly designed and manufactured in the USA


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