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previously known as POE XLR -


NAB 2017 Product Launch

OMOD XLR-RT is a module for your RED DSMC2 camera that combines professional in-camera audio with wireless lens control from RT Motion. All of the features of the OMOD XLR plug integrated lens control.

Lens control via RTmotion's MK3.1 hand controller and RTmotion Thumbwheels. Connect a single RTmotion lens motor for one axis PL lens control. OMOD XLR-RT allows control of focus and iris of EF lenses over RF at ranges up to 1500 feet, making ideal for drones. You can also control the single axis PL lens motor over wifi with Foolcontrol.

Professional in-camera audio features include push to operate controls, high pass filters, per channel line / mic level control and Phantom power (+48v). LEDs for level metering and peak warning indicators.

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