Extended Top Plates for OMODs

$ 279.00

The TERADEK OMOD | AKS Top Plates extend our low profile DSMC2 Top Plate design to cover an attached OMOD Module.

The plate mates via 1/4-20 screws into both the DSMC2 camera brain and the OMOD Module.

Pogo pins allow run / stop trigger from DSMC2 handles that feature integrated record start/stop buttons and allow handles to be reversed and extend in the direction of the lens.

Attach the RED 7" Touchscreen or LEMO Adapter on top or side of the DSMC2 camera without interference with the plate.

Available in 2 lengths:

Version A:117mm long - covers DSMC2 camera + OMOD POE or OMOD COMMAND+

OMOD XLR2 EXTENDED TOP PLATE :132mm long - covers DSMC2 camera +  OMOD XLR2

Build a cage by combining our Side Arms and Riser.

Includes (6) 1/4-20 screws


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