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The RED MINI-MAGå¨ is the smallest, fastest, and most powerful media option available. Compared to their predecessor, the REDMAGå¨ 1.8‰۝, RED MINI-MAGs have faster read/write speeds to support higher frame rates and resolutions with minimal compression.

RED MINI-MAG data transfer speeds are up to 50% faster on WEAPON, compared to their speeds on EPICDRAGON. Capable of supporting simultaneous R3D and Apple ProRes recording on DSMC2‰ã¢ camera systems‰ÛÓRED MINI-MAGs offer the ideal media solution‰ÛÓwhatever your workflow might be.

Manufactured from robust aluminum, RED MINI-MAGs offer rugged reliability in a compact form factor. Available in multiple capacities, standard grey models provide maximum read/write speeds up to 225 MB/s‰ÛÓwhile the turbo-charged red models can achieve up to 300 MB/s for even lower REDCODEå¨ compression.

NOTE:åÊMedia max data rates vary based on camera BRAINå¨.

NOTE:åÊRED MINI-MAGs require a RED MINI-MAG Side SSD Module for use with your EPIC or SCARLETBRAIN.