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RED WEAPON Woven CF Upgrade Package

Special Order Item

$ 5,000.00

The $5,000.00 deposit will be applied towards a total final price ofåÊ$49,500.00. Total amount due at time of invoicing will also reflect the credit for your existing RED DRAGON camera.

Place your WEAPON Upgrade deposit and pay the full amount within 10 business days to receive a $5,000 accessory credit to go along with your new WEAPON system. This accessory credit will be applied when your WEAPON is invoiced in full.

Upgrade your current EPIC DRAGON or SCARLET DRAGON camera to WEAPON and harness the full potential of the award-winning RED DRAGON sensor.

Capture motion and stills in 6K 2.4:1 at up to 100 frames per second (fps), or 6K Full Frame at 75 fps, with the cutting-edge RED DRAGON senso optimized for WEAPON. Manufactured with ultra-lightweight carbon fiber the WEAPON Woven CF delivers a new level of intuitive control and ergonomic design. Our engineers packed the best aspects from EPIC and SCARLET along with numerous performance enhancements such as on-board Apple ProRes recording and 3D LUTs into a smaller BRAIN, completely redesigned for modular performance. And coming in mid-2016, RED DSMC cameras will provide support for Avid DNxHR and Avid DNxHD recording formats. Support for Avid will be made available through a free camera firmware update. Carbon fiber WEAPON BRAINs offer additional upgrade paths as sensor technology improves.

Just one of the major improvements with WEAPON is the integration of the new DSMC2åÊintelligent OLPF system, making it easier than ever to optimize your footage for your shooting environmentåÊby quickly swapping out your optical low pass filter. Choose from our growing line of DSMC2åÊOLPFs including theåÊDSMC2åÊStandard OLPF, DSMC2åÊLow Light Optimized OLPF, DSMC2åÊSkin Tone-Highlight OLPF, or all three with the 3-Pack.

STANDARD: This OLPF offers the perfect balance of light gathering and protective qualities for most shooting environments. It is the ideal OLPF for demanding shooting schedules, and balanced for both light and dark environments ensuring you're always ready to capture the perfect shot.

SKIN TONE-HIGHLIGHT: This OLPF captures and preserves color quality in highlights, bright colors, and well-lit environments. It is the ideal OLPF for skin tones and best with lower ISO values.

LOW LIGHT OPTIMIZED: This OLPF provides excellent color and tonal reproduction in dim to dark environments. Use this OLPF to capture and preserve color quality in mid-tones, darks, and shadows.

WEAPON is also offered in two branding variations standard and stealth enabling you to choose from two different coin logos to be emblazoned on the front of your WEAPON BRAIN. Boldly display the red and silveråÊWEAPON coin logo on the front of your camera or go with a subtle yet bold, all black tone-on-toneåÊWEAPON coin logo.

The WEAPON Woven CF Upgrade Package comes complete with everything you need to begin shooting with the WEAPON ecosystem. See the Included Tab for more information.


Credit for your EPIC/SCARLET DRAGON towards a WEAPON BRAIN or package is determined by the type of BRAIN being upgraded. If the BRAIN to be upgraded is:

  • EPIC DRAGON CF and was paid for before April 13, 2015, the credit is $22,500. If on or after April 13, then $20,000.
  • EPIC-M DRAGON and was paid for before April 13, 2015, the credit is $17,500 . If on or after April 13, then $15,000.
  • EPIC-X DRAGON and was paid for before April 13, 2015, the credit is $15,500. If on or after April 13, then $13,000.
  • SCARLET-X DRAGON and was paid for before April 13, 2015, the credit is $5,000. If on or after April 13, then $2,500.