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RTMotion Latitude MDR-M 1 Motor Kit

May be out of stock, please call (718)-389-8300 for availability.

$ 5,224.00

Everything you need to control electronic FOCUS and IRIS on EF and Nikon lenses on RED DSMC and DSMC2.

Plus, one or more lens motors to drive FOCUS, IRIS and/or ZOOM for non-electronic lenses.

Also control internal RED camera settings wirelessly from the hand-set, including Shutter, ISO, Run/stop, Peaking and more.

 1x MK3.1/S Controller
1x Wired Mode Cable 200cm
1x Controller Neckstrap
1x Receiver Rail Clamp
2x White Disc (Single)
1x LP-E6 Battery Travel Charger 
1x LP-E6 Duracell Battery

Please call (718)-389-8300 for avalibility.