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RTMotion Latitude MDR-X 1 Motor Kit

Special Order Item

$ 5,516.00


Everything you need to control electronic FOCUS and IRIS on EF and Nikon lenses on RED DSMC and DSMC2.

Plus, one or more lens motors to drive FOCUS, IRIS and ZOOM for non-electronic lenses.

Also control internal RED camera settings wirelessly from the hand-set, including Shutter, ISO, Run/stop, Peaking and more.

åÊ1x MK3.1/S Controller
1xåÊWired Mode Cable 200cm
1xåÊController Neckstrap
1xåÊReceiver Rail Clamp
2xåÊWhite Disc (Single)
1xåÊLP-E6 Battery Travel ChargeråÊ
1xåÊLP-E6 Duracell Battery