RTMotion Thumbwheel

by RTMotion
$ 395.00

Thumbwheel (Slave Controller) from RTMotion. Ergonomic, highly versatile control for any axis, with run/stop trigger.

The button performs run/stop as well as allowing you to quickly set limits and reset them. The unit can also pivot via the ARRI style rosette allowing for better positioning. The clamp fits diameters from 22mm to 38mm and can be removed to expose an M6 thread for even more mounting flexibility. Precision CNC milled and wire EDM cut from aerospace grade aluminium.

Connects directly to OMOD POE, OMOD LATITUDE and OMOD LATITUDE + for tactical thumb control of focus or iris with RED DSMC supported electronic EF lenses or with connected RTMotion motor(s).

** does not include slave controller cable


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